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The Masterpiece Society 720p

Sandra Bernhard expertly plays Masha with a magnificent lack of self-awareness (which is surely among the most difficult things to achieve in acting). Topped off with a brilliant soliloquy that stands out as some of the finest scripting that Scorsese has ever handled, the dark humour unspools with a brisking sense of the absurdity of delusional individualism, which seems to be catching on in society.

The Masterpiece Society 720p

The dual beauty of the film exists in the hilarious gaudy surface that plays out like a gripping thrill ride of debauchery and the undercurrent mantra of being uncompromising without ever venturing into cynicism. As such, the mass misinterpretation of the film and its characters upon release stood as a signifier for the gaping flaws in society whereby so many of us can be fooled into thinking these guys are funny loonies who valiantly grip life by the balls owing to a few simple high-jinks and forget they are the same fat cats that fucked the world over in the very same narrative.

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